Friday, July 6, 2018


Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach was outnumbered and out opinioned but that did not deter him. A number of TAG members tried to persuade him, sweet talk him and deflect him with half measures but none of it worked. He was unhappy that TAG wanted to endorse the MOE's recent review of the Lanxess/GHD soil sampling and testing just barely on the Stroh farm from the east side of the Uniroyal/Lanxess property. To say the sampling and investigation was superficial is a gross understatement. Worse than how small an area of the Stroh farm they tested along with the proven Micky Mouse depth of only 5.9 inches (15 cm); was the once again shoddy investigation of the "Gap" area. This area was named the "Gap" because of how it was studiously avoided in the first set of investigations on the Chemtura/Lanxess side of the property line back in 2015.

First of all this area is within 30 metres of a surface water body, namely the Stroh Drain hence the criteria should be the more stringent Table 8 not Table 2. David Hofbauer, a TAG member seemed to be in support of TAG recommending that the MOE accept Table 8 as the appropriate criteria. Sebastian will be writing a Motion for TAG to vote on in regards to the low lying area nearest the south end of the Stroh Drain where it is closest to the Lanxess property.

Two additional points need to be incorporated . They are 1) TAG must not fall into the trap of accepting the MOE's review first with the cap in hand request that additional and deeper sampling needs to be done in the Gap area. Either the MOE insists upon more sampling be done in that area as described by Sebastian or TAG should not accept/endorse the MOE's review. 2) Fill may or may not be relevant in the Gap area. The Dioxins and DDT could be very shallow in depth, one foot down or two metres down. Many examples exist on site of deep hydrophobic compounds including PCBs, DDT and Dioxin/Furans. Contrary to Chemtura/CRA fibs as well as Lanxess/GHD fibs these persistent organic pollutants in the presence of a myriad of solvents can and do penetrate into the earth. Sometimes they penetrate on their own and sometimes they are buried by fill. No more excuses and bullshit please MOE, GHD and Lanxess.

Pat and Susan seemed to be waffling and trying end runs around Sebastian. Tiffany also seemed to be trying to deflect Sebastian with talk of "confirmatory" sampling. "Confirmatory" sampling is bullshit when you are only digging down 5.9 inches. Dig down two metres and then talk to me about confirmatory sampling.

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