Thursday, June 21, 2018


The headline may be confusing. I was planning on posting about neonicotonoid pesticides being found in wild turkeys. Likely tomorrow for that. Today I will comment on the article in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "Retired superintendent joins police lawsuit". Oh boy I've been wondering where Supt. Rita Westbrook was at. Now we know. She has stepped forward and out of retirement to speak up about the treatment she received courtesy of the Waterloo Regional Police. She has joined the class action lawsuit against the Waterloo Regional Police Service and the Police Board. That's right the civilian "oversight" Police Board. What a joke they are and thank you Waterloo Region Council and councillors for that. Also a special thanks needs to go to the female regional councilors who have ever sat on the civilian Police Board and looked the other way. If memory serves there was one female regional councillor however who was alleged to have been rude to a police officer present at a Police Board meeting. I believe that his allegations went nowhere. I always wondered what she could possibly have said to him. Maybe a crack about policemen and Tim Horton's doughnuts? Maybe an honest and incisive criticism about police behaviour that he wasn't willing to accept from a female? Hard to say.

Supt. Westbrook in today's story has listed several juvenile, nasty and rude behaviours that she had to put up with during her career. She will be a huge addition to the class action lawsuit especially because she did rise through the ranks. One has to understand that likely the in your face comments from peers and subordinates decreased as her rank rose but apparently not from her so called "superiors". Sometimes "superiors" may be interpreted as superior assholes. What has become painfully obvious to all except the willingly blind and deaf is that gender discrimination was not just tolerated but encouraged through the ranks and from the top. That is to the everlasting shame of those males at the top who participated either actively or tacitly. The title in reference to Police especially applies to the Chief and all the senior management team. In regards to lawyers I can hardly not gloat about psuedo mayor Sandy Shantz's lawyer, James Bennett, garnering some more negative press. I believe he lied about me as has his client Sandy Shantz. He lied about the class action suit according to Supt. Westbrook. I understand that this is a civil suit and will be settled likely out of court. That is a shame because these liars, hypocrites, bullies and overall lousy people need to be publicly exposed. After all if they settle privately there will be a confidentiality clause allowing the guilty to continue to do what they do best. LIE. Then we the public will continue to be inflicted by incompetent and ignorant senior police, police Boards and regional politicians.

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