Thursday, June 14, 2018


The M.O.E. hypocrisy is in regards to monitoring wells around Elmira not being properly maintained and or sealed. Sealed as in the caps on top being locked to prevent unauthorized entry to them and the underlying aquifers. The old CPAC hypocrisy is in regards to two items. The first is their decision in 2009 to jump on the bandwagon opposing the proposed Hawk Ridge development on Ken Seiling's mother-in-law's former apple orchard at Union and First St. in Elmira, just across the road from Uniroyal and Sulco. The second is in their having to replace one reliable, informed and honest CPAC member (me) with three inexperienced unknowns. Apparently the fools who allegedly voted me off of CPAC (I wasn't present and was only informed by a pair of liars) didn't bother to think ahead and thus suffered a number of public meetings without quorums. Poor babies.

The monitoring wells issue was brought to the media's attention by myself, Al Marshall back in July 2009. I had observed and then examined numerous monitoring wells on the Yara (Nutrite) property without their well caps being locked. After I brought this to the Ministry of Environment's attention as well as to the media's attention the problem was rectified. Now years later don't you think it's time for similar monitoring wells on the old Lot 91 to also be properly sealed and secured? They haven't been for a long time.

Regarding the old CPAC's (prior to 2011) hypocrisy regarding Hawk Ridge Homes let me say this. I agree that there absolutely should not be a new residential subdivision built in the Kill Zone of Uniroyal/Lanxess's Worst Case Scenario which is a release of Anhydrous Ammonia. Susan and Pat are simply doing what they do best which is a back door support of Uniroyal/Lanxess. This is just one more tit for tat reciprocal private deal at which they excel. If all these private deals were in the public interest I wouldn't mind but they aren't. While Susan is the brains of the pair nevertheless the two combined frankly don't have a clue on so many technical environmental issues that have come up over the decades. When they didn't like the advice of Dr. Henry Regier and myself they would import and parachute in Wilf Ruland to support their uninformed and or biased views. A high school grad(?) and an English grammar specialist (albeit at the university level); neither Pat nor Susan are remotely the experts they pretend to be. The main point is that it has been Pat who has strongly over the years insisted that CPAC only deal with direct Uniroyal issues unless she or Susan want to include something else. The second hypocrisy deals with back dooring me in the fall of 2007 and spring of 2008 and then suddenly realizing that oops they keep having CPAC meetings without a quorum.

The Elmira Independent carried the monitoring wells issue in their edition of July 17, 2009. They and the Woolwich Observer also carried ads and a story for new CPAC members in October 3, 2009 and September 26, 2009 respectively.

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