Saturday, June 2, 2018


At least one local resident continues to work tirelessly in her bid to rid her property of goutweed. To date her attempts to bring Woolwich Township on board as partners to solve the problem has been less than successful. Yes they are responding to her which one might think is the bare minimum to do but believe me this Township have no difficulties in not responding when they so choose. The Bolender Park methane issues are one example of that.

It is my understanding that to date at least one Woolwich staffer has looked at her property. Also advice in how to contain the spread of the goutweed has also been offered, some good and some less so. Further advice has included giving the resident the name of a local landscape company for both advice and to get work done. All at her cost of course.

If I understand it correctly, the goutweed came from the Township's property (Bolender Park) and spread onto her nearby property.

For further information on the behaviour and characteristics of goutweed either Google it or check out my May 21/18 posting here. Goutweed tends to choke out other preferred lawn and garden plants by entwining their roots in and around the roots of other species.

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