Thursday, May 10, 2018


Is this an indictable offence? Could Conestoga Rovers (CRA), Uniroyal Chemical and the Ontario Ministry of Environment be brought up on charges under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act ? Could criminal charges even remotely be considered if this self-serving action could be proven to be an intentional act of collusion between parties all receiving various benefits from deceiving the public and saving themselves dozens of millions of dollars in clean up expenses?

Or on the other hand are these three bodies simply so stupid and incompetent that they made an honest mistake? A mistake that again saved CRA's client dozens of millions of dollars. Would the Ontario Ministry of Environment knowingly go along with this corrupt action even if somehow it made them look better? It's hard to see how relocating GP1 to a position slightly less likely to allow off-site travel of toxic liquid wastes would benefit them. What if it's a combination of the various possibilities. For example could Uniroyal and CRA have conspired and left the M.O.E. out of it? Then the M.O.E., as suggested being stupid and incompetent, they never picked up on it?

Decades later the biggest thorn in the Ontario's side (at least here in Elmira) then exposes that the M.O.E. went along with a $3.5 million cleanup that was in the wrong spot. Hoo boy that certainly puts the Ontario M.O.E. between a rock and a hard place. It's like the Todd Cowan defence at court over his charges of stealing expense money. Todd claimed that he was dyslexic, financially incompetent, disorganized and essentially lazy or in other words he didn't know what he was doing as Mayor of Woolwich Township. I would just love to see the Ontario M.O.E. claim that no we aren't corrupt we're merely incompetent. So for the last 3 1/2 years only have the Ministry of Environment (M.O.E.) been going along for the ride waiting to see if my and CPAC's revelation will gain any traction?

The retreat of the media has been pretty dramatic over the decades. They simply don't seem to want to cover anything controversial that can't be categorically and instantly proven. This is a bombshell but the guilty parties have never shown any appetite for apologies or mea culpas.

The moving of the location of GP1 on maps took place in at least two steps. Again there may be a combination of human error (ie. screwups, incompetence etc.) as well as an intentional conspiracy. The first error may very well have been just that, an error by consulting company CH2MHILL in their map they produced for the Region of Waterloo in 1991. Then a sharp eye at CRA seeing the possibilities and being client driven may have seen the opportunity to deflect and kill future massive off-site cleanups on the Stroh and Martin farms. If so that surely would have cemented their long term and profitable association with Uniroyal and their successors.

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  1. The relocation of GP1 is a current issue. By likely not cleaning up where the overland toxic liquids flowed into the real GP1; all those Dioxins, DDT and so much more remain slowly being mobilized into the Canagagigue Creek by rain, wind and floodwaters