Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Guess what. They were lying to us then on an ongoing basis as well. Nothing has changed and nothing will as long as Chemtura/Lanxess, the M.O.E. and our local Council are all in bed together. The biggest and brightest time was with the new, albeit inexperienced, Council of 2010-2014. Then we had the professional liars on the run right up until they were able to hide behind the skirts of the new Mayor and Council immediately after the October 2014 municipal election. Dear God folks do not re-elect our current idiot mayor. Her default position is reluctant agreement with the party with the most power, money and influence and why should that surprise anyone?

The January 26, 2007 Elmira independent had an article written by Gail Martin titled "Treatment plan ready". Note this is only the plan not the waterworks themselves. The plan was to treat the ammonia in the groundwater which inhibited discharge levels to the Canagagigue Creek during the warmer summer months when ammonia is more toxic (we are told) then during the colder months of the year. At the same CPAC meeting yours truly raised the issue of ongoing lack of hydraulic containment of the on-site groundwater as well as reduced off-site pumping rates.

In September 13, 2007 we learned from the K-W Record that Agent Orange victims in Gagetown, New Brunswick (military base) would be receiving a one time payment of $20,000 each if they were there between 1966 and 1967 and could prove ill health effects associated with Dioxin exposure.

On October 27, 2007 the Record also had a story titled " Snack topping proves harmful". It's more information on Diacetyl which is the chemical used in butter flavouring on microwave popcorn. Our good friends here in Elmira (Uniroyal Chemical) produced it regularly for decades.

In the February 27, 2008 Elmira Independent, Julie Sawyer wrote an article titled "CPAC tackles groundwater". By this time we had had many months of ridiculously low pumping rates of groundwater on and off the Crompton site. CPAC members hypocritically bemoaned the lack of groundwater pumping and hence containment even though they had thrown me under the bus when I appealed the Ammonia Certificate of Approval to the Environmental Review Tribunal. Pat and Susan lied privately to the CPAC members and persuaded them that my Appeal was counter productive. Easily led by the nose idiots although many had been brought on board CPAC by Susan to be her cheerleaders.

In the June 6, 2008 Elmira Independent Julie Sawyer again wrote an article titled "Contours misleading, says activist". Yours truly had a nice picture along with the article. CPAC did agree with my Delegation at this meeting in which I advised that Conestoga Rover's groundwater contours had "...a lot of creativity to them.". I referred to the Crompton (Uniroyal) site as hemorrhaging contaminated groundwater versus simply leaking contaminated groundwater.

These newspaper articles are important as they indicate the ongoing failures to both contain much less actually clean up Uniroyal's legacy of illegal and immoral toxic waste disposal in and around Elmira, Ontario.

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