Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The first reason is that mostly they are a sham. Not all, just most. This is because they are set up by the guilty parties as a sort of insulation between their self-serving behaviour and those whom their acts have harmed. They are also manufactured to represent a hypothetical, arms length independent third party. Of course they are no such thing. MECAC (Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee) are a good example. They are a bunch of allegedly third party, independent persons, unbiasedly judging whether local politicians have contravened the Ontario Municipal Elections Act. In reality they are a bunch of former local politicians with pro politician biases as well as having previously worked with some of the politicians they are now judging. What a farce! In the Woolwich cases (Sandy Shantz and Scott Hahn) they were beyond dreadful AND there was a strong business connection between Sandy and one of them. This we found out in mid adjudication and raised a stink privately that led to one of the MECAC members being "absent" from that point on. Again what a farce!

Now we come to the black and white case of Woolwich Council refusing to answer 40 well researched and well written questions given to them last November in regards to the explosive levels of methane in the Bolender Park Landfill. Three months later and Township Staff sent me a response. Sort of. They advised me that Council had stated that they only had to answer two of the questions because allegedly the other 38 were of a "historical" nature. Such horse manure. One that is a lie as many of the questions related to information provided in the most recent Conestoga Rovers reports in 2015 and 2016 and secondly so what even if they were? This problem has been around for 35 years. Of course there are going to be some questions related to earlier decisions and actions which are affecting methane concentrations today.

One of the two questions Staff answered was about the so called ditch on the east side of the former Landfill. The "ditch" in fact is a depression from the illegal water pipe installed across private property decades ago. Conestoga Rovers gilded the lily in their excuses about this so called ten foot deep ditch preventing methane migration eastwards. The ditch is less than half that depth and it does not stop methane migration. That is typical unsubstantiated CRA junk science. By the way I am looking forward to seeing Woolwich Township in court sometime this month over their illegal water pipeline.

Firstly I went through Woolwich's internal complaints procedure. As expected it was the usual biased, eyes shut, ears covered exercise in nonsense. I had been advised that I needed to do this prior to going to the municipal Ombudsman (Agree Inc.). So then I went to Agree Inc.. They took a month to inform me that this complaint was not within their purview and suggesting that instead I go to Woolwich's Integrity Commissioner. Keep in mind my 40 questions were sent to the Township very early last November. It's now been six months and I've received all of one honest, accurate answer. Yes they have lots to hide on this file. I believe that they and their predecessors have been negligent in regards to the dangers involved. Part of the purpose of the 40 questions was to determine if there were any extenuating circumstances or other facts that would put the Township's actions in a better light. Was it possible that they had failed to advise me prior to November 2017 of some crucial facts that would make the likelihood of an explosion or other hazards less likely? Their refusal to respond intelligently and honestly seems to say otherwise. They appear to be in full blown defensive posture. What exactly are they afraid of? Have there been some serious adverse effects that I and the public don't know about?

Woolwich's Integrity Commissioner is ADR Chambers Inc.. The bad news for Woolwich Township is that just having an Integrity Commissioner doesn't mean that you have integrity. I have now reapplied to ADR Chambers. Let's see how this unfolds.


  1. Both the Township and the landowner who's property rights have been infringed will be paying at least initially.


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