Thursday, May 3, 2018


Not only never admit even the obvious if it is the least bit critical but in fact straight up lie about it. If the evidence is overwhelming that either Staff or Councillors haven't been on top of their jobs, then attack the messenger. That is the Woolwich way. Obviously this is not the behaviour of the majority of Woolwich staffers. Nor does it describe the behaviour of all the Councillors, just some.

I was a Delegate to Woolwich Council in regards to methane issues in the former Bolender Park Landfill many times. All of one question from councillors in all those Delegations. Not a hint of concern that more quickly needed to be done to protect people living or working in close proximity to the former dump. Lo and behold in today's Woolwich Observer (pg. 5) we are advised that there will be a gas probe installed just north of the former dump, now known as #86 Auto Recyclers. This gas probe is literally decades overdue.

Back in the 1980s methane gas was found in extraordinarily high concentrations north of the former Landfill extremely close to the now Elmira Pet Foods buildings. These concentrations were ten and twenty times higher than the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). Suddenly these gas probes were never monitored again. Similarly gas probes on the east side of the former Landfill had very high methane readings in close proximity to homes on High St.. The answer seemed to be to stop monitoring them and install different probes in slightly different locations. This could easily be interpreted as if and when you find uncomfortable readings change your monitoring in order not to find any more high methane readings.

The multiple technical reports written by Conestoga Rovers are riddled with anomalies, inconsistencies and downright illogical conclusions or assertions. One of my favourites is in regards to surface water allegedly preventing lateral methane migration. To this day neither Woolwich Staff nor CRA (GHD) have backed that up with any kind of relevant and legitimate scientific literature.

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