Friday, May 4, 2018


On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I posted about the sham of what pretends to be a legitimate and serious complaints process for citizens dealing with unreasonable, lying or deceptive politicians or bureaucrats at Woolwich Township. This comes about because they have blatantly lied, delayed and deceived in regards to methane at explosive levels still in and around the Bolender Park Landfill. Processes like these are inherently suspect. In order to work they need honesty and sincerity from the people in charge of them. Unfortunately if these people were honest and sincere in the first place then there really wouldn't be any need for a formal process to insist upon their honesty and sincerity now would there?

It's now been a full six months since I politely sent them 40 neatly typed questions all relevant to the current situation at the former Landfill. The entire history in the Township's consultants reports from 1983 until 2016 is terrifying. The lack of followup by the Township to various recommendations by their consultants is ridiculous. The internal inconsistencies within these reports are surprising. The principles of methane monitoring including consistency and complete coverage of the perimeter of the Landfill appear to have been ignored. High methane concentrations found in monitoring probes almost seems to guarantee that those probes will not be tested either a year or two later or sometimes ever again. Probes were consistently lost, destroyed or flooded and hence unserviceable. In my opinion the taxpayers received neither good value for their money spent nor did they receive the appropriate care and protection from the possibility of methane explosions. I repeat that this may well have been a two way street with Township staff and politicians equally irresponsible in not following recommendations or in not carefully reading the reports and demanding clarifications and explanations for parts that made little or no sense.

ADR Chambers, the so called Integrity Commissioner has not responded to date to my return e-mail to them questioning a process that demands conveyance of complaints from citizens to ADR Chambers to go through the Municipal Clerk. Frankly I don't expect to receive a response. Keep in mind that Agree Inc. the so called Municipal Ombudsman took a month to respond to my complaint and their response after a month was sorry but it's not in our jurisdiction so you'll have to go through the Integrity Commissioner (ie. ADR Chambers). I received this response by the way at 3:56 pm. Monday April 30, 2018. I responded to that by indeed sending my complaint to ADR Chambers at 5:34 pm. and lo and behold they responded back the very next morning at 8:17 am. with the dandy advice that I needed to work with the Municipal Clerk.

There's a very small fly in all of this of course. Both the Municipal Ombudsman (Agree Inc.) and the Integrity Commissioner (ADR Chambers) appear to be either grossly incompetent or grossly dishonest. As both are supposedly professionals then surely they would know about the recent legislative changes to the Municipal Act. These took place in May 2017 and state that a complaints process against a municipality being conducted by the Integrity Commissioner for said municipality must be concluded by May 1 in an election year. Perhaps complaints in an election year could be detrimental or prejudicial to incumbents seeking re-election. Poor babies. As if the whole convoluted complaints process using multiple bodies and funnelling it through loyal, highly paid staff isn't enough of an advantage to bureaucrats and politicians already. Ah yes it's all a scam folks. Always has been and always will be. Afterall why would any ethically challenged parties ever agree to independent oversight when for the same price they can have the appearance of same without the risk of actually publicly getting their knuckles wrapped?

P.S. note carefully the times and dates listed in the third paragraph from the top (ie. 2nd paragraph up from here). Nomination day was Tuesday May 1/18 and any complaint in the hands of ADR Chambers had to be CONCLUDED by that date. Agree Inc. waited to tell me it was out of their jurisdiction until 3:56 pm. on Monday April 30/18 and advised me to go to the Integrity Commissioner ADR Chambers. ADR Chambers on May 1 made no mention of any deadline having been passed. I expect that would have been their punchline a few days later. No collusion here folks. Stop gawking. Keep on moving. All is well with democracy.

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  1. I've been receiving "messages" from unethical, lying scum for nearly thirty years. Shoot the messenger thrives up here in Woolwich Township.