Thursday, June 1, 2017


What could possibly go wrong with a scenario in which tonnes of nuclear waste will be buried in the ground 1.2 kilometres from Lake Huron? Do we as Ontarians and Canadians not have confidence in our politicians and in our environmental authorities? Well lets see that would be Katherine Wynne and the Liberal Party to start. Hmm no, zero confidence. Well how about our provincial Ministry of Environment? Confidence? That's just too funny. I'm from Elmira afterall. Our politicians and authorities routinely lie to us just about everything.

According to a report from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) "Ideal geology exists for safely isolating nuclear waste 680 metres below ground in stable, dry rock". This stable, dry rock is of course just over a kilometre from Lake Huron. That distance is not nearly far enough away from the lake. Here in Elmira, granted with different geology; plumes of toxic contaminants travelled two kilometres from Uniroyal Chemical to shut down our south wellfield in 1989. Oh and lest I forget, our authorities were reassuring us up to the day they shut down the wells that it absolutely couldn't happen. Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried this article titled "Lake Huron bunker is best: OPG".

So let me suggest the following. Somewhat like our equally beleaguered and discredited judicial system; justice must both be done and be seen to be done. That hasn't happened thus they are losing credibility in spades. Well to sell your nuclear waste disposal option it must both be technically sound AND BE SEEN TO BE TECHNICALLY SOUND. Even if your telling us the truth this time you must pick a location that inherently and intrinsically we can believe in. Beside lake Huron just doesn't cut it.

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