Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Peace, harmony and the status quo have been restored with Woolwich Township's "cringeworthy" invention of RAC and TAG. Councillor Merlihan may not like my quoting him repeatedly about his description of those two august bodies but that's too bad. Pat spoke from the heart and he spoke honestly and accurately. Their format and process are actually way beyond even cringeworthy. The shame however goes primarily to Sandy and Mark with the rest of Council following along like sheep. Chemtura thanks you from the bottom of their (stone) hearts for saving them from the righteous indignation and anger of informed citizens.

First off RAC, TAG and all the rest of us were told that the expanded off-site pumping would start up in April. That's only four and half years after Chemtura and CRA announced that they had unilaterally determined the need for both TRIPLING of the off-site pumping plus the use of In Situ Chemical Oxidation. As of the end of April they had achieved neither. The May Progress Report should be out shortly and we can see if they've managed to start up any of their four new proposed pumping wells.

As previously mentioned our idiot politicians and assorted corporate hangers on in authority, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that the polluter (Chemtura/Lanxess) should determine cleanup criteria for the creek. This is a risk based, bullshit process that rewards chutzpah, brass, money and well paid credentialed experts who solemnly on behalf of the polluter will advise the rest of us as to why the least amount of time and money spent by Chemtura will be best for the creek, wildlife and human beings. If you have a nagging feeling that something rotten and perverse has captured the process; I would suggest that that nagging feeling is called common sense.

As was intended by Sandy and assorted other fools/fellow travellors, access to documents and relevant reports and data is being choked, delayed and made difficult to obtain by honest, involved citizens. Again Chemtura and the MOE sincerely thank you Woolwich Township (Council). See you all Thursday afternoon because despite the pathetic and insincere sham of public consultation, little gems of information do still leak out. None of this negates or criticizes those few participants attending who are working not for their own aggrandizement but instead for the public interest.

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