Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The picture at the bottom of today's posting was actually posted yesterday afternoon. It is however relevant to today's posting and in fact was up on the overhead screen in Council Chambers last evening while I was giving my Delegation. There were several Delegations regarding the St. Jacobs Boundary Rationalization and four for the Elmira Boundary Rationalization. By the way that phrase Boundary Rationalization is a total croc. It is nothing more than a propaganda phrase as far as I am concerned. To date there has been nothing rational whatsoever about Council's plans to run either a highway or industrial/employment lands up the east side of Chemtura.

One of the owner's of the affected east side lands was represented last evening by a spokesperson from Stantec Consulting. This lady essentially assured Council of her client's willingness and cooperation to assist as well as to the availability of his lands for either employment and or the proposed Elmira by-pass road.

A representative also spoke on behalf of Delmar Martin who owns lands at the south end of Elmira on both sides of the highway. His property certainly appears ideally suited for either a by-pass up the east or the west side of Elmira.

Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach spoke regarding the issues on the east side of Elmira in regards to contaminated lands and the potentially prohibitive costs involved to excavate and dispose of contaminated soils.

During my Delegation I went into a bit of detail as to the exact locations of the former toxic waste pits and their proximity to the farm next door (Stroh). Hence the reason for the below situated map of Chemtura's east side property line with the Stroh farm. This original map which I produced three years ago is approximately 2 feet wide by 3 1/2 feet tall. If there is ever a public inquiry into the corrupt behaviour of the Ontario Ministry of Environment here in Elmira, this map will be a part of it. This map indicates how east side contaminated surface and groundwaters were diverted over onto the neighbour's property and then discharged further downstream into the Canagagigue Creek. In not a perfect world but merely a just world, heads would roll over the facts and information encompassed in this map. It is an indictment of both Uniroyal Chemical and the Ontario M.O.E..

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