Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The only thing strange about that headline is who said the words "gross neglect" . His actual words were "I have never seen such a case of gross neglect.". The speaker is Ontario Environment Minister Glen Murray and he is referring to the Ontario government's refusal for fifty years to clean up Grassy Narrows. He also suggested that it was about systemic racism and the colonialism of our society. He then followed that up by saying such dumping would never have been permitted in Toronto.

He's probably right that it wouldn't be tolerated in Toronto. But guess what. It has been tolerated here in Elmira. The difference here is that we've added DDT, PCBs, and Dioxin (Agent Orange) to our fish in the Canagagigue Creek. Our systemic racism is in regards to our downstream Old Order Mennonite community. Why in the first place do you think that Uniroyal Chemical located here? Partly it was due to the free toxic waste disposal provided by the soon to be open sewer running through their property. Secondly it was the local politics and power structure. They were confident that our local Old Order Mennonites were not worldly or aggressive activists. Lastly they certainly would not be seeking out media attention for their complaints.

$85 million has been set aside to clean up the English-Wabigoon river system including the sources of suspected still leaking mercury into the river. $85 million really isn't that much money for what is needed. Do we really believe it's going to happen before election day or is this yet one more last ditch PR move by the Wynne Liberals to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at next year's provincial election? Today's article in the Record is titled "Ontario commits $85 million to clean up "gross neglect" at Grassy Narrows.

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