Friday, June 9, 2017


To date I have posted twice here on the Advocate in regards to our Woolwich Council patronizing Uniroyal/Chemtura/Lanxess's client driven consultants. I do not view the term "client driven" as being necessarily damning, immoral or even particularily critical. It simply best describes the relationship between a consulting firm and their clients. Afterall ask Donald Trump if he demands loyalty from his subordinates. Whether employees or businesses both individuals and businesses expect that when they pay money to an individual or a firm that they are owed loyalty and fealty.

Here on April 7 and May 17, 2017 I have described two instances of which I am aware that Woolwich Township are financially involved with CRA (Conestoga Rovers now GHD). They are in regards to eSolutions and the Township's website as well as engineering services for the Barnswallow Road reconstruction. As a local citizen who has been appointed and served for ten years on a committee of Woolwich Council (UPAC & CPAC) as well as a citizen volunteer attending and participating in CPAC, RAC and TAG for another fifteen years I can categorically state that CRA's contribution to the Elmira water crisis and cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers, soil and the Canagagigue Creek have saved Uniroyal/Chemtura/Lanxess millions of dollars and continues to do so. I expect that CRA would proudly trumpet this to Uniroyal/Lanxess, perhaps a little less proudly to the general public.

It was up to Woolwich Township to have paid attention to citizens complaints regarding CRA. Yes some members of UPAC and CPAC, including council members and former Uniroyal employees, long supported Uniroyal and their consultants, almost no matter what. On a few occasions even Uniroyal loyalists squirmed in embarrassment during particularly egregious claims and decisions by the polluting company. The truly unbiased citizens who freely spent their time reading reports and attending meetings made it very clear to Council and Woolwich citizens that CRA were not assisting the public, only Uniroyal.

Basically as I've long suspected Woolwich Township through Council have a thirty-five year ongoing professional relationship with CRA now GHD. The number of contracts for engineering and consulting services is staggering. CRA have been representing the interests since the late 1980s of the corporation who used our creek, our air and our groundwater and soil as an open sewer essentially in my opinion and others against the interests of Woolwich citizens and the environment. At the very same time and longer CRA have been representing Township's (Council) interests regarding other local environmental issues. I am not prepared at the moment to suggest that Council's and their consultants have been acting against the public interest regarding these other environmental matters. Further study and research are required.

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