Saturday, March 30, 2024


Is it mere coincidence when one notices bizarre results that are non-intuitive and non-consistent with the various stories peddled by dishonest brokers here in Elmira, Ontario? For example the following results have been getting stranger over time as surprisingly the last holdout of chlorobenzene contamination, above the provincial criteria,  focuses more and more exactly below the former Varnicolor Chemical site on Union St. between First and Howard Ave. This occurs in both the Municipal Upper and the Municipal Lower Aquifers (Fig. 3.14 - 3.17 in the most recent 2023 Annual Monitoring Report). Why this is very strange is that groundwater testing done by the Ministry of Environment showed zero chlorobenzene on that site which was bizarre in and of itself.   

Varnicolor were a solvent recycler and most of their solvents were from paint and automotive companies. Chlorobenzene is a common solvent associated with all kinds of paints and the lack of chlorobenzene has always bugged me. Yes across Howard Ave. was the former Borg Textiles which had their own paint shop which also should also have had chlorobenzene present.

So why am I skeptical with the stories and data suggesting zero chlorobenzene came from the Varnicolor site or even indirectly from Borg Textiles? It's because the entire history of the Elmira Water Crisis and cleanup has been riddled with half truths, outright lies and severe gilding of the lily when it served the purposes of our various elected and unelected power brokers. I also do not forget the blatant lying associated with the finding of free phase DNAPL (chlorobenzene) at monitoring well OW57-32 beside the Howard St. water tower. 


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