Tuesday, July 9, 2013


"Plausible deniability" was a Hollywood tag for CIA lying about their complicity in shady operations. In my opinion much of what Chemtura and their consultants have been doing for the last twenty-four years falls under the "plausible deniability" umbrella. Yes there have been occasions when Chemtura/CRA have written a technical report of some scientific and technical merit. There have been far too many occasions when the research and data have been reasonably rigorous while the Conclusions arising from them have been out of Alice in Wonderland. In other words the interpretation of the data has been client driven and incredibly self-serving. Unremarkably there have been occasions when these self-serving interpretations have saved the company large amounts of money in allegedly unecessary remediation.

The entire DNAPL scam, sham, investigations and farce fall into the above categories. Chemtura have soldiered on with half truths, full truths and no truths despite overwhelming evidence and proven technical literature and expertise contrary to their positions. They made a sweetheart deal with the Ontario M.O.E. back on October 7, 1991 which saved them hundreds of millions of dollars and no way, no how are they going to make any honest admissions now to jeopardize that. Quite frankly rather than my being personally offended by their DNAPL dishonesty I'm beginning to feel sorry for their Elmira staff being forced to come out to CPAC meetings and publicly and blatantly tell DNAPL whoppers.

Yours truly presented a one page Delegation to CPAC at the May 30/13 meeting which gave report and page references proving the existence of free phase (ie. free flowing liquid) DNAPL discovered during the 1993 excavations at TPW2 in Chemtura's south-west corner. These reports were from Conestoga Rovers, the Region of Waterloo and even an allegedly independent hydrogeologist occasionally parachuted in by the old CPAC, namely Wilf Ruland. I fully expected a debate/discussion either at the May CPAC meeting or at the very least at the following June 27/13 CPAC meeting. Neither happened to my surprise although Chemtura did hand out a multipage CRA document titled "Summary of South Yard Drum Excavations", dated that day, June 27/13.

In the interim I've had sucessful surgery and am recuperating at home and catching up on my reading. Lo and behold what a piece of "implausible deniability" this report is. It totally ignores the facts I presented a month earlier and continues on with the Chemtura version of the truth. They make zero attempt to debate or deny. They make zero attempt to reconcile their version with the smoking gun facts and reality as presented. They have no intelligent response other than "this is my story and I'm sticking to it". This is a *Responsible Care company without shame.

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