Saturday, June 24, 2023


The skies have just opened up here in Elmira. I expect that my second water barrel which I checked five minutes ago will be full in the next five or ten minutes. Yes it rained a little over night plus a little yesterday and we need every drop of it.  Climate Change/Global Warming  are here and they are here to stay. In Elmira oddly enough this summer to date has been cooler than usual with the Marshall family barely using air conditioning so far. It has however been much drier. Again as we had above normal rainfall in February, March, and early April the groundwater levels have been high enough to benefit trees and vegetation wth deep enough roots. Lawns, grass, gardens and crops have been suffering however and these rains are a lifesaver for them. 

Also local creeks and rivers have been feeling the effects of the drought. Around here Larch's Creek in particular has been looking very green and overall unappetizing. "Stuff" is growing on top of the water and it is generally gross. The Canagagigue Creek likely is getting daily discharges from the upstream Woolwich Dam both to dilute Uniroyal/Lanxess crap leaking as well as to maintain flow during the dry summers. 

There were crop losses last summer locally due to the dry summer and up until recently it was looking as if this year would be even worse. Fingers crossed for regular rain over the next few months.

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