Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 Gee I don't know? It's only been thirty-four years since Uniroyal Chemical became infamous as the destroyers of the Elmira drinking water Aquifers. Shouldn't we give them a second chance? And that folks is the biased, never ending B.S. that Elmira residents have been hearing ever since. Truly remarkable. Kill one person unintentionally but stupidly and you can get five to ten years in jail. Kill one person intentionally (murder) and you're more likely to face ten to twenty years in jail. Go out and kill via poisoning the drinking water and the air and have dozens die over time and hundreds lose their health prematurely and what do you get? Awards from the local political authorities for charitable activities and believe it or not even environmental sustainability awards. Truly remarkable.

So I've posted here recently about tomorrow's TAG meeting and Agenda Items 4.1.1 and 4.1.2   which are two e-mails that I sent TAG giving them some information that I learned about fifteen years ago regarding unaccounted for chlorobenzene in the Elmira aquifers. Clearly none of the current crop of TAG members or Chair have any knowledge about that and at the time I was surprised by the lack of interest  from Susan Bryant and the rest of the CPAC members. I attributed that partly to possible embarrassment over APTE's past DNAPL position of which chlorobenzene is one of the components. 

Hence it would make immense sense for TAG to have some serious interest and questions for me at tomorrow's TAG meeting. I had wondered if the Chair Tiffany might advise me prior to the meeting that my muzzle might be lifted just for tomorrow's meeting. Also I've advised one friend and colleague attending the TAG meeting that I wasn't planning on attending although that could have changed if I'd received an invitation. That hasn't happened hence once again it looks as if TAG will be in the dark of their own making. Too bad but it does yet again clarify that those truly in charge at Woolwich Township to their shame are and have always only given lip service to proper cleanup. 

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