Monday, October 31, 2022


 What is the evidence you ask? One component only is the litany of several hundreds or more written, allegedly technical reports by Conestoga Rovers and GHD in addition to other consulting companies and the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Some are informative, some are much less so, others are likely intentionally obtuse and others are simply self-serving trash.

I have spent the weekend reviewing again the September 1, 2022 MECP report from their Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch (EMRB) titled "Sediment and forage fish monitoring results from September 2020 in Canagagigue Creek". Some reports I have read bravely push ahead into unchartered territory making self-serving, unfounded claims. Others such as this one attempt to build upon either past  falsehoods or sketchy hypotheses that were seriously critiqued by citizens and then more seriously deflected and ignored in order to be used again down the road. 

So what is at stake? Eventually the environmental collapse of our planet if these perpetrators are not stopped and their behaviours reversed.  The simplest descriptions of their behaviours are the production and interpretation of junk and psuedo scientific reports. Yes they are written well enough and many are signed by credentialed "experts" such that either lazy or unintelligent readers can be fooled. This most definitely includes the majority of our local and provincial politicians. Keep in mind that some of these reports' hard data could actually have some scientific merit but when the alleged "experts" interpreting them are bought and paid for, "client driven" human beings relying on industry business to pay their mortgages and food on their tables, then the floor is tilted strongly towards those paying the bills i.e.  the polluters. In normal circles that would be called "conflicts of interest". Here in Elmira, Ontario that term is one of several that simply do not apply. Black is white and white is black and there has been zero willingness to honestly discuss pollution issues with citizens who are unbiased and unbeholden to Uniroyal/Lanxess/MECP influence and persuasion.

Is there one overarching conflict of interest that has subverted our Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE/MECP)? Maybe or maybe not. I will suggest one possible issue terrifying them but there are others. Fear of both public exposure and condemnation as well as of civil financial liability if they and Uniroyal/Lanxess are sued for permitting and allowing the diversion of Uniroyal Chemical contaminated liquid wastes into the Martin swimming pond. This pond was used by generations of Mennonite families including children. The diversion of both contaminated ground and surface water into the manmade Stroh Drain (SDDB) is an abomination. I am more confident that groundwater was diverted than surface water because the natural surface water flow does go onto the Stroh property although due to later landscaping it likely was reduced.   



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