Tuesday, October 25, 2022


 The Waterloo Region District School Board "thumping" is in the re-election of Mike Ramsay and Cindy Watson. In your face Scot P. and fellow travellors.  Also the Thursday October 20, 2022 Waterloo Region Record article titled "It is as bad as it has ever been" really took several rounds out of that Board of Trustees and their stupid infighting. It would be nice if it also resulted in changes at the top i.e. the senior staff and administration. Afterall where are they in all of this? I expect they are behind the trustees pushing them into areas other than reading, writing and arithmetic in order to deflect attention from the School Board's failures.

Murray is finally gone from Woolwich politics! Bonnie Bryant is back which is excellent! Dr. Dan Holt should have been elected over any newcomers to Woolwich and to politics in generaL. That said who knows. Maybe the two new guys in Ward 1 will be the real deal. Five out of six Woolwich Councillors are no more. That generally is good. Major change is needed and now we'll see if we get it as unlikely as that seems. 

P.S. Kudos to Jan Ligget in Cambridge who I've known for a couple of decades. 

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