Monday, October 17, 2022


 Recent events have gotten my goat. CPAC members yet again have stepped up and sent written concerns to some mayoralty candidates as well as to our local media. I have sent e-mails plus my Friday Elmira Advocate post regarding the failure of our local media to include in their Lanxess/MECP stories about the Elmira cleanup, the glaring fact that there is serious and informed opposition to their alleged efforts. 

I too have been busy sending out written concerns to our long buried heads in the sand local authorities. Let me be clear, I no longer expect them to do the right thing much less even seriously inquire as to what our concerns are.  My written comments are simply to have a written record available in the future for the time when common sense and decency return and environmental justice is given to both the natural local environment and to as many still living human victims as possible. 

Besides sending out my Friday Elmira Advocate post to our two local councils, namely Woolwich Council and Waterloo Region Council  I have included a separate note for each. My two brief notes could be described as "cheeky" whereas I prefer to think of them as a blunt assessment of the past and current cleanup situation here in Elmira and five miles down the Canagagigue Creek to the Grand River. I do not apologize either for my bluntness nor for my conclusions that our authorities have made private agreements with both our largest local polluter and with their alleged regulator (MECP). These deals have never been in the public interest but solely in the self-serving interest of the parties to them. Following are the included brief notes to each.

Regional Council:  To a certain extent I can understand that if the municipal representative whether Township or City does not raise a local matter or issue at Regional Council then it is very easy to dismiss concerns from the public. That said the "local" issue of Uniroyal Chemical did become both a national and international issue thirty-two years ago and you should have continued to pay attention despite Woolwich mayors & former Regional Chair giving you the all clear and everything is under control message. It's never been under control and while local politicians are the guiltiest there is enough discredit to go around.  

Woolwich Council:  While I don't expect any action whatsoever from you at this late date on this matter nevertheless I will give councillors some advice. Delegating any single issue to only one or two of you while the rest ignore the matter/problem is a recipe for disaster. I suggest that through all fault of your own, with only the tiniest push from me and others six or seven years ago, combined with further poor decision making since; that Woolwich Township are now considered by some to be the Dogpatch of Waterloo Region. This is unfortunate and if the "Uniroyal trials" as suggested by Pat Potter decades ago ever occurs, your acquiescence and deaf and blind faith in both the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Unroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/LANXESS will bite both you and all of Woolwich Township in the behind. Your names will eventually be forgotten but Woolwich Township's name will be besmirched forever.

Patrick please feel free to rate my "delivery" on this note. 

The comment to Patrick immediately above is a less than subtle comeback regarding a recent comment of his that I felt to be less than fully accurate or clear.

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