Wednesday, October 26, 2022


 Well the bad news is quite obvious. We're still stuck with a dishonest Mayor who appears to love school boards (Breslau), corporations (Chemtura & Lanxess) and who jumps when told to jump by the provincial government (Min. of Environment etc.). The "dishonest" is readily proven via a scurrilous and libelous April 9, 2015 "Memo" that was distributed on Township letterhead blaming volunteers appointed by the previous Council to CPAC for Chemtura and the MOE's failures and abandonment of public consultation.

Now the good news. The slate has been wiped clean. We have a brand new slate of five councillors of which the only one with political experience, Bonnie Bryant, was excellent in her first council term. Yes I am very disappointed that proven honesty and credibility, even under fire, in the form of Dr. Dan Holt was not elected however I am optimistic regarding Evan B. and Nathan C. The new councillors will undoubtedly soon have the opportunity to prove their mettle. Yes mettle is necessary because complacency will be rewarded on council whereas independent thinking and councillors with the courage of their convictions are discouraged. If this Council in four years has actually made decisions in favour of the majority of us (the public) versus in favour of the already well off and influential local developers,  friends, family and colleagues then we will be blessed. 

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