Tuesday, February 1, 2022


I'm trying to figure out why TAG last Thursday would intelligently discuss the four DNAPL letters written in 2006/2008 by hydrogeologists Wilf Ruland and Jaimie Connolly but steadfastly ignore written reports and Delegations from myself. Eureka maybe it's not as personal as I thought. Keep in mind none of the "professionals" on TAG have ever seen myself, Dr. Henry Regier, Rich Clausi or Esther Thur go head to head with hydrogeologists from Conestoga Rovers or the Min. of Environment and put them in their place. Similarly while 2011-2015 CPAC had environmental professionals on board often it was the academic (such as Dan & Sebastian) and other lay citiens (Vivienne etc.) who took company and Ministry "experts" out to the woodshed for a course in common sense. Simple arguments by hydro G folks in the past have been shot down with ease by informed and intelligent citizens including claims that in such and such location there are no "windows" i.e. openings through the aquitard. We would simply respond that if that is so then why are the concentrations that are so high in the shallow aquifer right there just as high as those in the municipal aquifer directly below it? And on and on. Citizens sucessfully took on the company and Ministry "experts" for twenty-five years before the latest group of hotshots got appointed to TAG by the guilty parties. ............................................................................................................... DNAPLS are another prime example. Yours truly was responsible for hydrogeologist Brian Beatty being "consolidated" by Uniroyal Chemical as stated by Dr. David Ash, General Manager. Prior to widespread useage of the Internet (1992-93) I went to the University of Waterloo library and discovered Mr. Beatty's very flexible use of the 10% Solubility rule regarding presence of DNAPL. Similarly Esther shot down "expert" opinion by Uniroyal consultants and others regarding allegedly harmless or merely odourous air emissions from the company. Her husband and other employees of the Elmira Furniture company used to be sent home sick when Uniroyal Chemical's (next door) air emissions were at their worst. And on and on yet these young, intelligent and basically honest citizens now on TAG haven't a clue as to the number of times local, lay citizens shut down and shut up the plethora of lies and bullsh.t coming from the credentialed suits and other bought and paid for intellectual prostitutes brought to Elmira to deceive the citizens.

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