Wednesday, April 1, 2020


The first of four reports under the banner of Wilmot, start with New Hamburg and Baden. The good news is that both HAAs and THMs are very good (i.e. low numbers). Regarding Adverse Water Quality Incidents (AWQI) they had three of which two were labelled as TC. Likely that means Total Coliform as the corrective action consisted of flushing and resampling the water main. The third had a BWA or Boil Water Advisory released. Hmm! Lead results in the Distribution System were zero although all of 8 samples were taken. A rather skinny report this one.

The New Dundee distribution system had no bacterial information on raw and treated water although the Distribution system was clear of both E.Coli and Coliforms. Lead sampling was sparse with zero plumbing samples taken and only four samples taken from the Distribution system. Lead results were zero. THM and HAA results were excellent (i.e. low). Of course no sampling/testing was done for asbestos which I would think might be more likely in an older community.

The St. Agatha system has no results for bacteria in raw or treated water however they did test in the Distribution system and bacteria were absent. The 43 HPC samples taken had a maximum reading of 46 Coliform Units which is a little high. Minimal lead testing took place (4 samples) but they were all zero. THMs and HAAs were the lowest I've seen to date in all the Region of Waterloo cities and townships.

The fourth system under the Wilmot banner is the Mannheim system which has been discussed previously.

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