Saturday, April 18, 2020


PCBS are both notable and highly toxic. They have been implicated in a huge number of human health issues in North America as well as around the world. Great Lakes fish have them as does some wildlife in the Artic. I believe that similar to dioxins/furans they can be transported readily in the atmosphere. Perhaps behind the scenes some of our authorities may think that reporting on wildlife or human exposure to them is funny (see yesterday's comment section after my post). I sincerely hope that that comment by a disgruntled, former federal employee reflects only his bad attitude and not that of any of our authorities.

The prizewinner for concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC) in soil certainly seems to be 137,000 parts per million as found in Test Pit 05 not too far from Hooper St. (nearer the west end of the stretch being studied along the Eramosa River). That was the F3 fraction of the PHCs. Unfortunately PCB detections may well be being diminished by ridiculously high Method Detection Limits (MDLs). Causing PCBs to be only discovered in soils if their concentrations exceed anywhere from one to three parts per million is ludicrous. This is especially so when three out of the four Guidelines presented are between .3 and .35 parts per million and the fourth is at 1.1 part per million. Obviously PCB exceedances will not be found when the MDLs exceed some or especially all of the Guidelines.

Despite this PCBs were detected at Test Pit 06, Borehole 16, Borehole 17, and Borehole 19. They are accompanied along this area by some incredibly high levels of Lead (34,800 parts per million (ppm)). The standard for lead in soil is 120 ppm. Zinc has been found at over 3000 ppm with a Guideline/standard of 340 ppm. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been found in the soil in some areas between 100 and 200 times their standards. Cadmium in the soil has been found at up to 7 times its Guidelines.

Perhaps sometimes our authorities become overwhelmed with both the number of contaminants, the number of different standards based upon things like different soils, usages of soils from agricultural to parkland or residential, commercial; distances from surface water bodies etc.and even if the water is potable or not. Perhaps they forget one basic point. Human beings were never designed to come into contact with man made chemicals, especially the more toxic ones. Contact includes ingestion, inhalation and even just skin contact. Surrounding where we live, intentionally or otherwise, with dozens to hundreds of toxic chemicals is just idiotic in the extreme. All these contaminants move, one way or the other. Eventually exposure to them is a given if they are right where we live. Either move the people or get rid of the contamination.


  1. Oh my, I've just been advised in writing that indeed both a former MOE/MECP employee and a current City of Guelph employee supposedly did make those comments about laughing at written reports detailing serious pollution in and around people's homes. Again I have to look at the source of that claim and suspect that they are not a reliable source.

  2. The plot thickens. I've been told that both the MOE/MECP person as well as the City of Guelph person are retired and friends of "me again" i.e. Barry. Whether that is true or not, someone has tipped off current City of Guelph employees as they are all over my Blog. It is clear that the City of Guelph, whether senior or junior staff are concerned about distressing news being released to the public. I actually find that to be good news as their concern is at least the first step in resolving the problem, sooner rather than later. I admit that "sooner" is kind of relative. The former landfills closed in 1958 and certainly IMICO has been out of business for decades.

  3. This Barry character that always seems to pop up and his Guelph associates (and all the other globalist and Agenda 21-Agenda 2030 funded truth deniers that you regularly blog about are probably all either completely soldout and/or part of the Globalist funded religion of SATANISM aka GAIA (theism, pantheism, pantheism, deism, polytheism, animism, totemism, shamanism, paganism and sarnaism) or just fake environmentalists who are socialist wealth redistributors and would like nothing better than to depopulate the earth thinking that they somehow will be spared. Mr Marshall, you are obviously once again over a target and if you squeeze hard enough you will hear squealing and smell excrement...keep up the good work! and don't forget that we are the ones that actually need hand sanitizer and it is them that need to become quarantined in their own prison that they planned to put us in. These bitches gotta go!