Saturday, April 25, 2020


First of all the gobbledygook! QP are required for all the paperwork (busywork?) required by the Ministry of Environment. QPs are Qualified Persons allegedly. Then you have the previously mentioned RA, SSRA, MGRA, LSRA. New acronyms in the April 2014 Prelim Remedial Action Plan include RAP, PSS, RMM, ORC, RSC, ISCO, RMP, PSF, ESR and on and on. These are used simply to make the report essentially illegible to any lay persons , "citizen scientists", or simply concerned citizens wanting to read these documents. That is likely done intentionally in order to make the QPs feel like bigshots as well as to make it easier for QPs, MOE bureaucrats and woefully ignorant politicians to disparage and minimize citizen comments and concerns. Talking in gibberish/gobbledygook usually is all that's required to succeed.

The purpose of Risk Assessments (RA) is to reduce cleanup costs to the polluter or current owner of the site. In the IMICO case we are talking the City of Guelph who presumably will build in the cleanup costs to the developer of the proposed low income rental units which buildings will be precariously situated on less contaminated lands while the most contaminated lands can thus have their cleanup requirements reduced because the rental unit buildings will be twenty to fifty (?) metres away from them. Of course there won't be a concrete block wall erected around these more contaminated lands.

My overall impression is that the MOE/MECP and the province of Ontario are permitting reduced cleanup criteria and thus costs in exchange for more paperwork and monitoring, risk management measures (RMM) and profits to the consulting industry. In other words polluters and owners of contaminated sites can buy reduced cleanups from expensive consulting companies with the MOE providing cover by pretending to be a neutral, professional, and honest broker of the process. They fail on at least two out of three of those attributes. It's a scam folks and we are the ones being scammed. Grossly contaminated sites are not being properly remediated but because all the parties (players) are on side, we the public, including local homeowners and property owners, are left flapping in the wind. The public interest is intentionally emasculated. Public consultation yet again is accomplished (i.e. destroyed) via lip service and bureaucratic bullshit.

Human health and environmental health continue to be compromised for the financial benefit of others. The process is beyond deceitful.

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