Friday, September 15, 2017


My wife came back from a minor expedition to Eden Mills the other day with a pamphlet titled "Stop Hidden Quarry". This pamphlet may well be a year old as it mentions an upcoming September 2016 OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) hearing. Our OMB is currently under review and for good reason. Their decisions have long been extremely helpful to developers of all kinds and not so helpful to the rest of us or the environment.

Hidden Quarry is located beside Highway #7 and 6th Eramosa Line, approximately 1000 metres from homes in Rockwood, Ontario. It involves mining with explosives to 23 metres below the water table. The applicant (James Dick Construction Ltd.-JDCL) projects an annual extraction of 700,000 tonnes of gravel and rock.

There will be issues with noise, dust, blasting vibration, fly rock landing on neighbouring properties and Hwy # 7, both surface and groundwater contamination, traffic, residential well contamination, brook trout habitat and other wildlife and environmental impacts. Quarries under the best of circumstances are not neighbour or environment friendly. This quarry definitely is not under the best of circumstances.

Two websites mentioned in the pamphlet are and . A contact given is

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