Thursday, July 13, 2023


 Now that combined with half a dollar might get me a half cup of coffee somewhere (or not).  Geez with the musical chairs from the Ministry of Environment over the years is it any surprise that their attendees know so little about the site, the company, the issues, the past lying by authorities etc. ?  That said O.K. Jason Rice has attended for quite some time now and Steve Martindale attended for years and was friendly and approachable despite other issues. 

As of this morning I e-mailed the complaint to Jason and Lubna of the MECP. I cc'd CPAC members, four Woolwich Council members, the Observer, the Record and Tiffany Svensson the Chair of TAG. Of course Sebastian is both a TAG and CPAC member and is fully aware of the issues. 

The issue for me is more than costs as in why should the taxpayers pay for what likely is Uniroyal Chemical's either leaking tars or intentional and even possibly permitted by the Township dumping into the bottom of the Church St. (Hwy #86) roadbed. For me it's about new contamination as per the 1991 Control Order which states that any new and currently unknown, as of 1991 Uniroyal contamination, must be remediated by Uniroyal. That is a major issue and one that I'm sure the MECP and Lanxess would rather not hear about. After all it's so much easier to fluff the costs off onto the public than have to sit down and discuss/negotiate/beg Lanxess to fulfill their responsibilities.

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