Wednesday, July 26, 2023


Environmentalist Pat Potter I'm told used to attend public environmental meetings wearing a T shirt that stated "They all lie."  Well now that's pretty blunt isn't it? My understanding was that she was literally referring to every party and stakeholder at the meeting from the Ministry of Environment, to the owners of contaminated sites, to consultants representing different parties...well you get the picture. 

So do I believe that either the Region of Waterloo or the Ministry of Environment have recently lied to us the public? Well something sure seems off that much I can say. Now I haven't sent follow up questions yet back to the Region but if I did they would go something like this: "Where the #uck is the coal tar paving?" "Where the &uck is the tar macadam?"  "Where the *uck is the old road layer that I was told about?"

Approximately 1200 pages later and on page 10 is a brief statement advising that only two boreholes have contaminated soil namely BH22-7 and BH22-8. This contaminated soil has a petroleum smell and also is stained black.  No word in the text about coal tar paving. No word in the Borehole Logs or Stratigraphic report about old, buried asphalt or coal tar pavement. Nothing in the various Tables or Figures describing anything at all such as a former road being either found or dug up. The Borehole Logs refer to every day normal clay, sand, gravel, topsoil and silt. These Borehols extend to about 4.5 metres below ground surface and I repeat: NOTHING!

So did Boris Latkovic of the Region of Waterloo lie to me, Dr. Holt, the public etc? I guess I'll send him a sharp e-mail asking that question. I wonder if  I will believe his answer?   

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