Monday, January 16, 2023


 Sometimes the subtle approach works best and other times the direct approach is better. Obviously a Delegation to Council is the direct approach. If I decide to go ahead with this it will likely be sometime within the next four weeks. 

What I will be telling Woolwich Council is that the fairly obvious fact of allowing the polluter to essentially run their own cleanup is akin to allowing the fox to guard the henhouse. It is an obvious conflict of interests. The corporate polluter answers to shareholders first and foremost and only slightly to underfunded alleged regulators such as the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP). In this case particularly the MECP has a long history of back room private deal making with polluters and informed and up to date citizens are left shaking their heads at how the public interest has been subverted. Do keep in mind that Woolwich appear to have a Conflict of Interest policy that permits everything provided money does not change hands directly. Other blatant Conflicts of Interest include the Township sharing consultants with Uniroyal Chemical (Conestoga Rovers) and successors for decades. 

The alleged "cleanup" has been second fiddle and second class from the beginning. Whether it is blatant deception from hired consultants (10% vs. 1% DNAPL solubility rule) being exposed by citizens regarding DNAPL (residual & free phase) on site or other psuedo scientific gibberish being touted as "proof" that DNAPLS are not present (eg. Lab Solubilities vs. Effective Solubility calculations).

ISCO (In Situ Chemical Oxidation) attempts and efforts by CRA and Chemtura were publicly mocked by Dr. Richard Jackson, the first Chair of TAG. Off-site pumping rates have never been  close to the volumes promised. On-site pumping rates have been faltering for months to years now as well and to date the explanations have been minimal and unlikely. 

The Canagagigue Creek "cleanup" has been yet another years long waste of time as suits blather, calculate and ignore shoddy sampling and downstream "investigations" whose purpose in hindsight was always to minimize the quantity and magnitude of environmental damage to soils, sediments, waterways, fish, other life forms and to human beings. It has simply been a thirty plus years show of phony concern and phony accountability. If Woolwich Council decide to honestly examine the situation they will find themselves in a difficult situation. That is not a reason to back off or run and hide. 

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