Monday, November 28, 2022


 When will it end? When will TAG or the MECP or even Woolwich Township say no more bullsh.t, Lanxess do your damn job! That job includes proper pumping volumes as indicated by Target pumping rates clearly shown each month in the Progress Reports. GHD, consultants to Lanxess, also clearly indicate that they recommend that Lanxess "...maintain the target pumping rates greater than or equal to these rates." This is simply not happening.

The on-site shallow aquifer pumping rate in October was .2 litres per second an all time low since it started in 1997. The on-site municipal aquifer combined pumping rate for PW4 & PW5 is 4.7 l/sec and again it has failed to achieve that with only 4.4 l/sec in October 2022. 

The off-site pumping rate for four of the eight municipal aquifer pumping wells failed to achieve their Target rates. Three of these four that did achieve their Target rates were the lowest pumping (& Target) wells namely W6A, W6B, W8 at .2, .3 and .05 l/sec.  Overall the off-site Municipal Aquifer pumping wells are currently just above the pumping rate that Chemtura and Conestoga Rovers (CRA) determined in November 2012 had to be TRIPLED to achieve the mandated 2028 cleanup.  They have never even come close to Doubling much less TRIPLING their off-site pumping rates. Despite this there are no consequences, including charges, from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MECP). This is yet more reason why the knowledgeable and honest citizens in Elmira have such contempt for the alleged process, cleanup and  dishonest/deceptive words from Lanxess.   

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