Thursday, November 3, 2022


 Well, well, well it seems like our long broken educational system continues to deceive. A report in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "It's the tip of the iceberg" advises us that across Canada "...252 current or former school personnel committed or were accused of committing offenses of a sexual nature against at least 548 children from 2017 to 2021." Furthermore "There is a complete lack of transparency." and "...she suspects the report's numbers are an underestimation. "It's the tip of the iceberg," she said."  Yeah our school administrators and board certainly have the problem well in hand apparently.

By that I mean they have it well covered up. All the puffery, all the bullsh.t , all the brazen lying by our educational establishment along the lines of "Zero tolerance of bullying, abuse " etc. is just that i.e. bullsh.t. Or maybe in the alternative they are pretending that students can no longer get away with those behaviours but hey adult boys will be boys so it's O.K. for them to have their fun at the kids expense. What a mess we have allowed our filth at the top of the educational system to get away with for decades. 

Just a reminder it is local as well. The behaviour of teacher Ron Archer should have resulted in criminal charges and convictions of many senior Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) employees but it never did. I found out personally years afterwards that their attitude towards other lesser teacher offenders was swayed by the gross criminal behaviour of Ron Archer which finally resulted in his jail term for sexual assaults against children. I guess when they were "dealing" with Mr. Archer via the "pass the trash" policies of transferring him to other schools they kind of felt that other very bad teacher/employee behaviours could and should be stifled and covered up. By the way there have been other criminal charges laid since against WRDSB employees for sexual offenses.

So certain politicians who have made a political career starting as school Trustees might want to consider removing that from their resumes. Lets see I'm thinking ...oops there are so many both municipal and provincial it wouldn't be fair to name only some of them.  Funny how seldom any of this gets out. Maybe the shame and guilt can be shared with our police and courts as well. How often have they declared as "unfounded" sexual assault allegations in our community? How many of them have come from within our public tax funded schools? Shame on all the filth at the WRDSB and all guilty Boards who have ever looked the other way and covered up illegal behaviour by their employees towards children.  

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