Monday, November 14, 2022


 The definition above is from the Webster's dictionary. The $64,000 question is who are the conspirators and what is the evil purpose? While the two answers are easy the route to get to them has not been. No one in a democracy ever wants to believe that their political systems and politicians are inherently corrupt. No one really wants to believe that they and their parents generation before ever allowed things to get so out of control. To help you the reader along this path think about two recent events. Our (mostly departing) regional councillors have just gifted themselves taxpayer paid for health care for life.  All it requires is a single four year term on regional council and they and their families never need to buy health care insurance or pay out of pocket for health expenses ever again. That isn't a two tiered  health care system as much as a two class system here namely the haves and the have nots or the political class and all the rest of us. The second event is the macabre situation of Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) trustees (a cabal?) voting another democratically elected trustee off the island. Did Mike Ramsay attack, shoot, hit or stab a fellow trustee? No! Did he make death threats or other threats of bodily harm against any of them? No! The nasty, arrogant bugger actually had the brass and nerve to disagree with the majority of his colleagues. Scandalous!

So what is the evil purpose? It is to deceive the population into believing that even so much as a mediocre cleanup of the natural environment has occurred here in Elmira, Ontario after the internationally known 1989 Elmira Crisis. Our water supply was grossly polluted by Uniroyal Chemical as was the Canagagigue Creek, the air and soils in and around the very large Uniroyal property straddling the same creek. 

How can this be you ask? Is it Uniroyal and corporate successors' word against local citizens. Oh no that wouldn't cut it. Instead via any and all means Uniroyal and corporate successors obtained multiple agreements. Never with the general population and never even with most of the local citizen activists. What they did was to make sweetheart deals primarily with all the almost equally guilty political groups who either failed in their duties to protect us the citizens in the first place or worse yet who were bribed, extorted or seduced into complicity with them. It is so much easier and less expensive apparently to corrupt our leading politicians than it is to actually do the cleanup job properly. It is our own political representatives who yet again have sold the public interest down the drain to their everlasting shame. Now of course the honest politicians out there, and there are some, require pretty extensive and heavy duty lying to bring them around. That's all in a days work for our local polluter and his co-opted political friends.  

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