Saturday, June 8, 2019


Well first of all the MOE's (MECP) Marsha Smith responded very quickly to my e-mail regarding the earthworks being constructed between the Floradale Feed Mill and the Woolwich Reservoir. She has advised however that she and the Ontario Ministry of Environment have no involvement with the site at this time. There have been no applications for Environmental Compliance Agreements (ECA formerly called C. of A.-Certificates of Approval) etc.

I will admit that this environmental issue is outside my usual area of concern and expertise however based upon some local concerns as well as my growing awareness that something seems peculiar or amiss, I have put a little more effort into determining exactly what's happening here. Therefore I have sent off two more e-mails this morning. The first went to Beth Brown of the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) and fifteen minutes later I forwarded that e-mail onto Ms. Smith of the Ministry of Environment (MECP). The e-mail to the GRCA was to advise them that this in process construction has been roughly excavated and just sitting for a minimum of two weeks and probably longer. Undoubtedly the weather has not been helpful for outdoor work but that is part of the point. Surface water drainage is indeed going directly to the trail and the Woolwich reservoir where it is undoubtedly carrying sediment and soils into the reservoir. How much or how long the boom in the water will contain it likely depends upon the volume and intensity of rain we receive.

The reason I forwarded the GRCA e-mail onto the MECP is because I am concerned that the MECP may indeed have to get involved but unfortunately after damage to the water quality in the reservoir has occurred if heavy rains wash and erode large amounts of sediment and soils into the reservoir. My e-mail to the MECP also suggests that an early examination of the lack of a proper outlet that should be below the surface of the trail and the embankment above the reservoir might avoid the worst erosion of the trail and embankment into the reservoir during heavy storms.I have also asked the GRCA for a copy of the permit given to the Floradale Feed Mill.

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