Wednesday, January 9, 2019


He lives in Guelph and worked for Water Survey of Canada for his entire career. He has met numerous GRCA and MOE personnel over the decades but he has absolutely never attended a single public UPAC or CPAC meeting in his life. Nor does he have any training or experience with contaminant hydrogeology whether in groundwater or surface water. Yes normal components of surface water including DOC, TOC, sediment loading, ph, temperature he has dealt with. Perhaps he has some knowledge of nitrates and nitrites in surface water. Regarding Uniroyal Chemical and all their successors he knows less than zip and it shows clearly. Despite this he has taken it upon himself to rudely comment on almost every single posting here over the last year. I long ago put him under comment moderation due to his ignorant and rude personal comments towards myself and my friends. Following is his last comment regarding yesterday's post:

"Why doesn't CPAC, TAG and Alan Marshall hire your own Consulting firm and give them a mandate of where and what to sample and what kind of budget and timeframe that they have to do it in and direct them accordingly to get you the answers you would hope for. Oh I forgot this is all on private property and as such Lanxess goes with GHD under directions of MECP. Thus the answer is right there so just except what is being done and at a cost not borne by Elmira citizens including Alan Marshall."

That comment is one of his less offensive ones. First off the cost is being borne by Elmira citizens including me. Secondly we are not obligated to accept junk science or psuedo science from long co-opted bureaucracies. The term is regulators who have been "captured" by the industries they are allegedly regulating. We pay provincial taxes which fund the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) better known as the MOE. Why should I or TAG or CPAC have to pay a second time when the MOE have a mandate to protect both human health and the environment? CPAC have on at least three occasions hired consultants to do work expressly because the MOE's work was so shoddy or biased. This included Dr. Gail Krantzberg, Peter Gray and MBN Environmental Consulting. The money came from either regional or municipal programs. Past CPAC's have done the same when funds were available. Finally the MOE do have the legal right to go onto private property to investigate toxic contaminants that affect the public negatively. They always have had that right.

In regards to other criticisms whether published or not let me add that yes I am more than qualified to both comment and criticize so called professionals who are bought and paid for by polluting companies. That includes government professionals who are co-opted due to their past sweetheart deals with industry in order to hide government culpability over the decades. My criticisms are based upon generally accepted hydrogeological principles and science. I point out specific comments and claims by consultants that have absolutely no science behind them and that are consistently in conflict with published scientific reports and papers. Unlike yourself I do my homework and my due diligence. Your ignorance on these matters is outstanding but your rude opinions on the same matters with zero direct knowledge or experience is appalling.

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  1. Not too surprisingly this unfortunate individual can hand it out better that he can take it. It's actually pathetic really. Poor lifestyle choices, poor health and poor interpersonal relationships close to him.