Thursday, September 27, 2018


This should always have been the focus and various UPACs and CPACs over the decades have made this obvious to Uniroyal, their corporate successors and the Ontario MOE. The July 2003 Request For Action was a huge step in that direction and Crompton, Chemtura and Lanxess have only grudgingly taken steps to follow through on that. The scam involving GP-1 & 2 , in my opinion, should have sent various CRA and Chemtura personnel to jail. Similarly the Stroh Drain, possibly combined with what appear to be Interceptor Trenches, should do the same. These issues certainly provide evidence that significant amounts of Uniroyal Chemical contamination have been diverted surreptitiously onto the neighbour's farm and then into the Canagagigue Creek. This all needs to be investigated by unimpeachable parties, not by self-serving or corrupt bodies that Woolwich Township have long been inflicted with.

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