Saturday, July 30, 2016


Following are a list of environmental items that are either being ignored, "investigated", partially addressed, addressed in slow motion or the appearance only given of addressing them :

1) East side off-site contamination on the Stroh farm

2) Stroh Drain contaminants, it's full length even onto the Martin farm. This includes looking for DDT & Dioxin/Furans.

3) The "Gig" or Canagagigue Creek downstream of Chemtura. The entire creek sediments and floodplain are contaminated with DDT, Dioxins/Furans, Mercury and P.C.B.s. Our corrupt MOECC would have us believe there are but two hot spots.

4) Off-site pumping of the Elmira aquifers. After their grossly inadequate pump & treat was outed by CPAC in May 2012 Chemtura promised to TRIPLE off-site pumping. Not a gallon to date of increased pumping.

5) Off-site source removal via ISCO (In-Situ Chemical Oxidation). Chemtura screwed up their pilot tests according to Dr. Dick Jackson and need to redo them.

6) On-site source removal of DNAPLS & LNAPLS. Longtime heavy B/S regrading their inability to find or extract them. All about $$$$$$.

7) GP1 (gravel pit 1). Again all about appearances. They spent $3 Million knowingly excavating the wrong area in order to avoid excavating the really bad spot where the majority of their liquid wastes flowed on their way off-site to the Stroh Drain. All about $$$$$$

8) Barrier Drain/Trench. While unproven to date nevertheless most likely explanation for Google Earth & Waterloo GIS satellite photos showing manmade earthworks. Also explains Uniroyal/M.O.E. failure to hydraulically contain shallow aquifer (UA1) on the east side of their property. Why contain after you've constructed a drain/trench to divert the contaminated groundwater and leachate eastwards onto your neighbour's property and from there via the Stroh Drain into the Canagagigue further downstream.

9) Improper local political support. This includes under the banner of "local" both municipal and regional government.

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