Monday, January 26, 2015


Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment do their best work under cover of darkness. Private meetings, subtle suggestions, blatant lies are all in a dirty days work for them. Similar to a pair of local cowards they prefer to let others lead the way with their untruths . Retired mayors and M.O.E. directors, retired reporters you name it; there is no one whom they aren't willing to comprimise to benefit their own interests.

Other than Councillor Mark Bauman, CPAC members get exactly nothing for their time on behalf of the public interest. This is contrary to the previous CPAC Chair who was surrepticiously receiving expense paid trips around North America courtesy of the Canadian Chemical Producers Association. Pat Mclean may have told a confidant or two but she certainly did not advise the voting CPAC members at the time such as myself. Shameful and disgraceful yet Woolwich Councils never commented, disciplined or condemned, to their own shame.

Chemtura and the M.O.E. along with silent supporters are trying to drum up support to drastically change CPAC membership and meetings. Currently they are running and hiding from public meetings where they are naturally expected to comment on the MTE Report, just for starters. They've had three months to date and they would rather change the channel than deal with this Report which fundamentally challenges their credibility, cleanup and integrity.

CPAC and SWAT members will not tolerate any attempts by ANYONE to scapegoat them for Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s sins, failures and negligence. CPAC & SWAT will not stand idly by and be badmouthed by vested interests and guilty parties whether professionals, amateurs or politicians. This Committee of Council, who more importantly are a group of citizens, have responsibly and meritorously discharged their duties to Woolwich residents.

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