Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Is there any way back from their cowardly exit from the field of public consultation? Are there any serious fellow travellors of theirs who will champion them now? The barn burning bombshell of the MTE Report has them still unable to face the public and the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC). Only once before in 1999 did Jeff M., Dwighte E., David Ash and Steve Quigley give up the field of battle. At the time I happily credited Gerry Heideburt and Ron Ormson of the UPAC Air sub-committee. If current fellow travellors of Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment still view Chemtura's retreat as a CPAC failure then let me remind them that their darlings Pat McLean and Susan Bryant were also present at that time.

Chemtura have sent their regrets ahead of time for both last November's CPAC meeting and for this Thursday's. Back in November Steve Martindale of the M.O.E. made a point of pointing out to CPAC that he had read this Elmira Advocate Blog for his source of information. I applaud Steve's discerning choice of reading material. Here you receive the truth. Elsewhere not so much except from CPAC and SWAT. Amongst honest citizens that carries weight, again not so much amongst Chemtura's fellow travellors. How bluntly need I put this? Honest, intelligent people do not support Chemtura, their word or their environmental positions. Chemtura like and support certain local people. Being on that list is not to your credit.

Notably this time Chemtura did not storm out in the middle of a meeting. Just like last time their credibility is on the line. The ramifications of the east side overflows, leakages and discharges are immense. Combined with the Stroh Drain, possible east-side groundwater collection trenches and probably intentional mislocation of GP1; their environmental stewardship claims are crumbling. Three months and counting and no intelligent response to the 6 1/2 pages of text combined with a number of Figures that is the Peter Gray MTE Report.

O.K. Steve it's now 8:22 am on Tuesday January 27/15. You can go ahead and tell CPAC that you're also not coming this Thursday after reading here that your buddies (Chemtura) aren't coming so neither are you; exactly as you did last November.

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