Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Now this could really be funny. If they did it by accident, while having full access to the site, unlike the Public Advisory Committee; then they are truly hopeless. I could almost believe that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) could be that incompetent; but not so much Conestoga Rovers. That huge amounts of both contaminated groundwater as well as liquid production wastes have run off-site onto the neighbours' property is to date proven and essentially uncontested. Essentially uncontested in that the Peter Gray MTE Report was presented in October 2014 and to date Chemtura and fellow travellors are doing their undermining privately and behind the scenes rather than at CPAC. That any local politicians would believe their backdoor criticism is to their shame. Present your criticisms or rebuttals transparently and in public if you dare.

The contaminated groundwater and liquid toxic wastes left the site both to the immediate east of the RPE 1-5 pits as per Peter Gray and also as per myself they moved east into the Stroh Drain located twenty-feet off the Chemtura property line and parallel to it for close to 150 metres. This former wetland was according to a 1983 M.O.E. map the original location of GP1. That it is a former wetland has been confirmed by Jeff Merriman of Chemtura a few months back at a public CPAC meeting. This is why these public meetings are so important. It is a former wetland precisely because the Stroh Drain has accomplished its' job which was to drain the nearest wetlands on both the Chemtura and Stroh properties.

Chemtura, CRA and the Ontario M.O.E. were called out publicly last evening by me as a Delegate to Woolwich Council. Those three groups need to publicly respond to the MTE Report AND the relocation of GP1 to a more convenient, for them, location. Their backroom negotiating with Woolwich personnel to limit public access and ability to debate at CPAC is cowardly and shameful. If local politicians pretend to make debate more harmonious and civilized by removing my technical knowledge and expertise from CPAC's tool box; it will weaken CPAC. Is the goal to weaken CPAC technically as has been done by past Woolwich Councils in moments of crisis? What will this Council do?

The new Woolwich Council need to understand that pretending a problem doesn't exist by hiding behind a provincial ministry (M.O.E.) exactly as Chemtura does, is going to bite them. How shortsighted this Council will look if they play into Chemtura/CRA/M.O.E. hands by either handcuffing public debate or removing it altogether.

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