Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We were advised during the Bio-En update that they are receiving incoming feedstocks almost every day. The Engines (to produce electricity) have not been running since May 14 and won't be doing so until June 7/14. This is not a problem at the Woolwich Bio-En but I believe due to issues/updates at Waterloo North Hydro.

There were two noise complaints which were caused by an H2S (hydrogen sulphide) signal causing the biofilter fan to go at 100% output. Thus the fan was the noisemaker. That said the problem has been corrected.

Chair Earl Brubacher also advised that they have had some web issues regarding Minutes and Agenda being posted in a timely manner. This is also under repair.

Earl advised that the Amendments to their operating procedures were received and are 311 pages long. These Amendments were in regards to feedstock additions as previously announced as well as the link to a gas pipeline to take their gas to a service station at the south end of town.

Their flare has been running about four hours out of every 24 hours. This is to burn off excess gas that they produce and currently as they can't use their produced gas to run their engines they need to flare it off.

The Bio-En Committee as well as members of the public present were again given a copy of the truck movements for the previous month (May). There were two days with much higher truck movements based on a single supplier with several very small loads sent over those two days. This is considered unusual.

Currently the second Digester is being filled towards its' normal operating fill level.

The Ministry of the Environment were on site to conduct a noise audit. Of course without the engines running as previously mentioned the readings were lower than to be normally expected.

One of the plant operators (Derek) advised that incoming feedstocks were about 10% solids and 90% liquids. This is considered routine and very easy to handle as the liquids are in a closed system and moved with pumps.

Two dates were given for upcoming Woolwich Bio-En CLC Meetings namely July 8 and August 12/14. All parties however seemed fine with the July 8 date only being used if something unusual arises in the meantime. Otherwise everyone will most likely get together only on the August 12 date.

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