Monday, March 17, 2014


Last Saturday's Woolwich Observer carrys an excellent letter to the Editor from CPAC's Chair, Dr. Dan Holt. The title is "Groundwater safety an issue right here in Elmira" and while complimenting Steve Kannon on his earlier column relating to worldwide droughts; asks the question why Steve and the Observer have not been showing equal concern for water contamination and hence shortages right here in Elmira. Dr. Dan points out the glaring lack of coverage from the Observer for the last several years on this local, ongoing crisis. He points out that Woolwich citizen volunteers have been very active in pushing both the Ministry of the Environment and Chemtura towards a better, more effective cleanup of our groundwater. CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) passed a Resolution almost two years ago which was endorsed by Woolwich Council stating that the present plans were totally inadequate and advising the necessary changes. Chemtura have responded with new plans which if implemented may greatly improve the cleanup quality and timing. Woolwich citizens are fortunate that the Elmira Independent have faithfully covered all the ongoing public meetings literally for decades. The Observer used to and their presence and further public education and awareness now would assist all of us in keeping the pressure on the M.O.E. and Chemtura Canada Inc..

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