Saturday, December 21, 2013


This is a wee bit embarassing in that I have a hard copy in front of me dealing with Woolwich Township "...installing emergency standby power generators at their sanitary pumping stations...". The problem is I'm scratching my head as to the source of this document. Usually if an article comes to my attention in a local paper I physically cut the article out for use here in the Elmira Advocate. This paper clearly has been printed out by my computer printer which makes me suspect that it was an on-line news article. While possible you usually don't see on-line stuff dealing with Woolwich. Oh well the title of this article is "New Emergency Standby Power Generators at Woolwich Pumping Stations".

As I took a shot at Woolwich Council yesterday I think it's only fair to commend them when they make good decisions. This case is one of those. A few years back we had a spill/overflow of raw sewage into the Canagagigue Creek when a pumping station backed up due to no power to pump the contents to the Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant. It seems as if Council and staff have taken this seriously and have appropriately spent taxpayers funds to protect the health and safety of both citizens and the environment. I would hope that these appropriate infrastructure expenses are never criticized as these are the meat and potatoes of what government spending should be all about.

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