Saturday, November 16, 2013


The next Thursday evening public CPAC meeting is Thursday November 28, 2013 at 6pm. in the Woolwich Council Chambers. There will be at least a couple of interesting things on the Agenda including discussion of a Public Education Committee and discussion of the proposed new Terms of Reference for CPAC.

All the CPAC members recognized how ridiculous the old Terms of Reference were. Among other things were the way that votes were assigned. Essentially it was not one vote per member but instead a block of allegedly voting CPAC members were to get only one vote amongst them. It was undemocratic and assinine. Therefore CPAC unanimously rewrote the Terms of Reference and submitted them to Woolwich Council. Well between staff and council they've managed to delay and complicate the process for many, many months. To further complicate matters all the rewrites and revisions have not been dated. To further complicate matters these undated rewrites however have been allegedly done in different colours of ink to "assist" in seeing the changes. How helpful is that when your printer only prints in black?

Long story short Council needs to learn to back off. They have almost zero knowledge and less experience regarding the Chemtura/CPAC file. All they are doing is attempting to exert their authority from a position of ignorance. They have appointed each and every volunteer citizen on the committee yet they seem to need to micromanage everything. Keep it up Council and the time will eventually come when honest and honourable citizens will simply hand you the whole CPAC basket. Maybe that's what you want afterall?

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