Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record gives us this story "Harper commits up to $95 million for Lac-Megantic". A runaway tanker train exploded in downtown Lac-Megantic last summer killing 47 people and doing allegedly $190 million dollars damage. My suspicion is that the $190 million will be to restore damaged infrastructure, buildings and to do a superficial cleanup of the crude oil. The crude oil that got into the lake and river I expect will be causing damage for decades. Similar to the toxic "blob" found on the bottom of the St. Clair River in Ontario, crude oil is a DNAPL chemical. It sinks to the bottom and even there depending on the river bottom , it could continue sinking through the pore spaces.

The other question I have is what about the railroad company and their insurance. Canadian citizens can't drive cars without liability insurance so what gives here? Is the federal government telling us that the insurance companies won't pay up or that railroad operators don't require liability insurance? Something is very wrong here.

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