Monday, November 4, 2013


For the very few people with a memory, the towns of Elmira and Walkerton are the ground zero for irresponsible behaviour regarding groundwater and drinking water. Last Saturday's Woolwich Observer carrys this story "Well concerns delay council decision on Elmira gas bar". It should seem apparent that many current Woolwich staff weren't on board when the water crisis hit Elmira. Similarily none of the council from that era are still with us although Councillor Mark Bauman did sit on Council and look the other way while the CPAC of the day did little or nothing.

The issue is storing diesel and gasoline underground. Allegedly there are greater spill and leakage engineered solutions than there were with older tanks. Are we supposed to wait another one or two decades to find out that those solutions are not 100% effective or do we avoid the inherent stupidity of storing highly toxic liquids underground altogether? To a certain extent past councils have already sold the farm with development including underground tanks having occurred over the years near the south wellfield (E7/E9). Again that would include our friend Mr. Bauman. This council can compound the problem and add more underground tanks or they can take a sober second look and reconsider. They have deferred their decision. Past councils decisions were shortsighted and ignorant. Let's see what this council does.

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