Saturday, June 9, 2012


So why the big deal about public service announcements you ask? Well from time to time I have gently taken one of our local newspapers to task for not showing more interest in our world class polluter and world class environmental crisis. It may be old news (23 years) but it's also current news and should be so treated. Anyways kudos to the Observer for announcing Chemtura's upcoming public meeting on Tuesday June 19/12 to discuss their release of BLE-25 in September 2010. Better late than never to have this long promised public meeting. Secondly kudos to the Observer for announcing the BFCC (BIOFuel Citizens Committee) public forum and information event to be held at Bolender park this Monday evening, June 11/12 at 7:30 pm..

As usual I received by courier Chemtura's 2011 Annual Environmental Report. It is written by their long time consultants, Conestoga Rovers and Associates (CRA). It purports to be an update on changes to Air, Water and Soil that have occurred on their site during the past twelve months. My first brief glance at the report has indicated three areas which should be discussed at CPAC, namely none of the lab results of 125 drums which were excavated last summer in their South-West corner were included in the report. This would include soil analyses as well as analysis of the drums' contents. Secondly Table 5.1 deals with wastewater sumps which are in poor repair. There are thirteen of them and as they are in ground sumps any leaks will enter the natural environment. this is very serious. Thirdly it appears in table B2 and B3 that the potential exists for air exceedances of Nitrous Oxides. While overall toxic air emissions have been greatly reduced over the years, this particular chemical appears to be problematic and further discussion is required.

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