Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The monthly Progress Report is out and I would describe it as good news/ bad news. Firstly the good news: The on-site pumping last month was the highest in the last six months and like April's pumping, reverses a short stretch of below target pumping. Secondly the off-site pumping in May is the highest over the last twelve months.

Now the bad news. Despite the highest pumping off-site ie., all of Elmira less the Chemtura site itself, Chemtura while close, still have not achieved their targeted pumping rates required to allegedly clean up the Elmira Aquifers by 2028. This is a full year now since they've managed to pump adequately and in fact this trend started the month immediately after the municipal election in October 2010. In the last nineteen months they've achieved their off-site pumping goals for all of three months.

Appendix C concerns surface water testing in the Canagagigue Creek. As I have indicated before, Conestoga Rovers have a statistical method that allegedly indicates when downstream contaminant concentrations are higher than upstream. What I usually look at is the arithmetic mean of a number of samples downstream and compare it to the arithmetic mean of upstream samples. With this simpler method there are consistently a few chemicals which are being added to and detected in the "Gig". These chemicals this month are Ethyl Benzene, Toluene , NDMA and NMOR. None of these are a surprise as they are throughout Chemtura's groundwater and by being picked up each month in surface water samples would indicate Chemtura's/ M.O.E. continued success in cleaning up their site by allowing contaminants to flow downstream. By the way although the downstream sampling location (SS-925) is close to the Dioxin/DDT laden area (GP1 & 2), these chemicals are not routinely tested for each month.

Appendix E, Table E.1 indicates the most recent testing for LNAPL (light non aqueous phase liquid) found in monitoring wells on the Chemtura site. When you think of LNAPL think of pictures you've seen of oil slicks floating on rivers, lakes and oceans. The only difference is that Chemtura's LNAPL is floating on the surface of the water table ie. subsurface. Hence the Ministry of the Environment's advanced protocols and cleanup technology look upon this as out of sight, out of mind. We can put a man on the moon but we can't remove solvents floating on top of the water table. BULLSHIT and poo poo del toro combined. The LNAPL is a third of a metre thick in many locations approaching a half metre (.49) in another. CRA (Conestoga Rovers) claim a number of wells do not have LNAPL present but the fine print indicates they do have "Black tar like blobs present in bailer". This is typical polluter doubletalk and this is a typical Chemtura "progress" report.

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