Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 I've reviewed the four incredible DNAPL reports by Jaimie Connolly (MOE) and Wilf Ruland (independent-eh sort of). Jaimie's were dated April 3, 2006 and  May 2, 2008 while Wilf's were each a couple of weeks afterwards of each of Jaimie's namely April 21, 2006 and May 15, 2008. In one sense I could take a cheap (but very appropriate) shot at Wilf for the timing of his two reports. Being able to beat the Ministry of Environment to the punch really isn't a big accomplishment but twice in a row following them seems odd. Or... my guess is that Wilf and Jaimie were the lone serious objectors to the never ending and on-going DNAPL coverup.  Wilf has never impressed me with his backbone. In my presence I have seen him bend over backwards, contort himself grotesquely and almost literally kiss his own ass rather than offend Conestoga Rovers, Uniroyal/Chemtura or the Ministry of Environment. However... when the MOE (i.e. Jaimie C.) are strongly criticizing Chemtura/CRA  and Wilf is not alone, then apparently things change. WOW do they ever! 

Both hydrogeologists have spanked Chemtura/CRA regarding their multiple failures pertaining to DNAPLS and LNAPLS. Both have criticized Chemtura for refusing to do some source removal of DNAPLS at specific locations both on the east and west sides of their property. Specific locations and waste pits/ponds are singled out and named including the evidence pointing to both residual and free phase DNAPL presence. Jaimie repeatedly hammers Chemtura for not stopping the flow of contaminants dissolved or otherwise through known "windows" between the Upper Aquifer (UA) and the Municipal Aquifers (MU & ML). He also points out contaminant flow from the MU to both the Municipal Lower (ML) and then into the Bedrock Aquifer (BR).

So exactly how did Chemtura get lucky (i.e. "amazing good fortune")?  These four letters from Jaimie and Wilf were given to CPAC (2011-2015) via Todd Cowan's Woolwich Township council/administration. Apparently Pat McLean as Chair of CPAC back in 2006-2008 didn't feel the need to distribute them to all CPAC members at the time which included me.  Susan Bryant suggested that I did not have e-mail at the time hence they weren't sent to me. Really? No fax, no snail mail, no personal handing them over at a CPAC meeting prior to my Pat & Susan induced boot from CPAC by Woolwich Council in February/March 2008? As for the two very timely May 2008 letters I was attending CPAC public meetings constantly even when not a member. They were NOT on the Agenda nor were they ever publicly discussed. As I said "amazing good fortune" for Chemtura because I would have roasted those lying scum if I had known which makes me ask the obvious question:                                                                               "DID PAT & SUSAN ACT ON THEIR OWN FOUL MOTIVES OR WERE THEY ASKED NICELY ($$ or otherwise) BY CHEMTURA & FRIENDS?


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