Monday, December 5, 2022


 I'm not complaining. This is a good thing especially during an ongoing pandemic or two. I've just looked over the recently released RAC Agenda for this Thursday as well as the Minutes for the last RAC meeting of September 29, 2022. I believe that our less technically competent and informed attendees and participants are as equally effusive in their praise of RAC and TAG as are Ramin Ansari and Chair Svensson. This speaks well of the indoctrination and training provided by those most interested in having their way.

I would prefer of course, being a meat and potatoes sort of person, to see much more stimulating and aggressive questioning of numerous environmental issues before both committees. To my longterm consternation it appears that serious discussion or criticism is not really on the Agenda at all. Far more important, surprisingly at first blush to me, is the back patting, butt patting team comraderie on display. Oh aren't we all just wonderful folks getting along, going with the flow, always assuming that things will work out in the end simply based upon the humanitarianism, morals and ethics of corporate Lanxess Canada. 

This folks is the longterm devolution of public consultation. No disagreement, no strong criticism, no detailed responses or explanations of what are clearly unresolved contradictions. Also the reference in the title above is in regards to what gets smeared on one's hands while reading this horse manure. 

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